10 Years of the Best Emerging Art

Saatchi Art Celebrates a Decade

For the past decade, Saatchi Art has been the best place to discover and buy high-quality emerging art by top artists from around the world. In just ten years, we’ve sold more than 100,0000 artworks from artists in 141 countries to collectors in 129 countries.

Today, we continue to pave the way to a more welcoming, transparent, and accessible art world. In celebration of a decade of Saatchi Art, hear from some of our collectors’ favorite artists, explore best-selling collections from our curators, and see what art styles our experts have their eyes on now.



Meet Some of our Collectors’ Favorite Artists

Our expert curators highlight 6 of the past decade’s best-selling artists—chosen for their distinctive approach and potential to continue their upward trajectory.

Dean West

Based in Australia; Joined Saatchi Art in September 2010

Saatchi Art has exposed my work to a completely new audience around the globe, catapulting my career to the next level.

Elizabeth Lennie

Based in Canada; Joined Saatchi Art in May 2012

The curation team at Saatchi Art has shared my work with hundreds if not thousands of collectors worldwide… it’s a thrill to know my work lives in places I can only imagine.

Xuan Khanh Nguyen

Based in Vietnam; Joined Saatchi Art in December 2013

Selling art online supports promoting fine art to everybody, without the distinction of geography and social status. You only need a love of art.

Melissa Herrington

Based in the United States; Joined Saatchi Art in June 2014

“It’s been a wonderful experience working with Saatchi Art. They are constantly supporting and promoting their artists with an incredible online presence and expertise.”

Barry Johnson

Based in the United States; Joined Saatchi Art in February 2015

“With Saatchi Art, I’ve been able to reach collectors in Africa, France, Germany, India, and across the United States.”

Kelly Puissegur

Based in the United States; Joined Saatchi Art in September 2013

“Because Saatchi Art handles the logistics of selling art, I am able to solely focus on creating.”

Discover more collector favorites in these collections featuring best selling artists.


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Iconic Art Styles Over the Years

Some art styles are timeless—and for good reason. Our curators highlight their favorite classic styles that are popular among collectors, and that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Contemporary Landscapes

The outside world has always been a source of beauty and inspiration for artists. A landscape can liven up a living space or transport you somewhere else.”
—Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator

Pop Art

“Add color and energy to your home with a work of pop art that builds on the legacies of master American artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.”
—Megan Wright, Assistant Curator

Abstract Expressionism

“Abstraction is one of the most widely collected art styles not only because it’s eye-catching, but because its meaning is left up to the viewer—and can therefore be so personal.”
—Aurora Garrison, Assistant Curator


“The human form has inspired artists for centuries, and for good reason. Nudes are dynamic, intimate, and beautiful.”
—Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Black & White Photography

“A stellar black-and-white photograph will stop you in your tracks. Photography is also a great starting point for any new art collector.”
—Victoria Kennedy, Associate Curator


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New Traditional

“Add a contemporary twist to the tried-and-true traditional. These talented emerging artists blend the old and the new to create original works that are as timeless as they are timely.”
—Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator

Looking to the Future

As we look ahead to this decade, our curators posit what they think is next—from emerging art styles and trends to new artists on the rise.

Antique Tapestry

“Inspired by the delicate woven wall hangings and oversized paintings bursting with intricate details of centuries past, these artworks by top artists will make a statement wherever they are displayed.”
—Monty Preston, Associate Curator

Earth Tones

“Earth tones are more than a color palette—they are a feeling and a mood. Artwork featuring these rich hues from nature will bring a sense of simplicity to your living space and help to create a warm and serene atmosphere.”
—Megan Wright, Assistant Curator


“With its foundations in ancient Greece, Classicism is generally associated with the ideals of harmony and balance. These global artists have embraced the style to create a wide-range of works—from portraits to landscapes—that find beauty in restraint.”
—Aurora Garrison, Assistant Curator

Bold Monochromes

“Sometimes a single color is the most powerful statement of all. These new works by emerging artists daringly utilize a single hue to great impact.”
—Victoria Kennedy, Assistant Curator

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